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Belted Galloway meat is very tender and flavorful even though it has a medium amount of fat as it has a small grain pattern.  Refer to the links below for the various Belted Galloway web sites for a lot of information on this very old Scottish breed.  We have found that they do very well on our hilly, rugged ranch land and that they are docile and have their calves with a minimum of trouble.  Occasionally, we have young registered bulls, heifers or steers available and we have sold some head to a few people here in CA who use them strictly to keep the vegetation down on their small parcels of land, and to have very pretty cattle/pets to look at.  Usually one head will take care of around 5 acres and without a need to feed any hay.  Price varies by the bloodlines and looks of the animal but a young bull is usually around $750 and a heifer around $1,400.   We do not grain feed, only grass feed.  A number of nutritionists are stating that grass fed beef is much healthier than grain fed beef, going so far as to say that grass fed reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a number of immune disorders.  See  photos of our cattle below.  In December of 2006 we purchased a Wagyu 2 year old heifer and will be having Belted Galloway/Wagyu crosses.  The Wagyu breed is from Japan and is the breed that is used to produce the famous "Kobe" beef.  We anticipate that the calves will have a pretty good belt like a 100% Belted Galloway.  As far as we know this will be the first cross like this (tell me otherwise if someone knows) and the beef should be quite good.  Our phone number is 925-377-6416. Our email address is: .


 Links to Belted Galloway web sites that supply additional information about the breed and the quality of the meat:

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More Pictures of Belted Galloway Cattle from our ranch: