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Pictures of the Dean/Smooth Sailin' Litter of July 30, 2001, 3 males and 3 females:

While still with Sailin':

Out of their whelping box and into the kitchen for socialization:

With Half brother Cutter, Rhonda and Lancelot:


Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Sailor Gal aka "Pinkie" at 5 weeks of age:


Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Sailor Guy aka "Skipper" at 5 weeks of age:

Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Sailor Guy aka "Skipper" at 4 months of age:


Here are six photos of one of their sisters, Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Tillier, aka Tillie, owned by 

  Jill Peterson , taken at 6 months of age.

Here is another puppy from this litter, a Bi-Color named Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Rudder, aka Max, 

 owned by Penny, George and Alan Hart,  taken at just over 4 months of age:

And here is Max when he was just 3 months of age:

Here is another puppy, and another Bi-Color,  from this July, 2001 litter, Eagle Hill's 

 Ich Bin Galley, aka Celeste, owned by Pierre & Martha Lacrampe,  taken at age 6.5 months old:

Here is a photo of another sister, Eagle Hill's Ich Bien Sailor Gal, aka Pinkie, owned by Sandy Bazyouros and Joan Morrow, taken at 7.5 months old:

Here is a photo of a brother, Eagle Hill's Ich Bin Sailor Matey, aka Griz, owned by Robbie and 

Jocelyn Dunbar, taken at 12 months old:


Below are some group pictures of the puppies and owners  from this litter (and their mother Smooth Sailin') when they were invited to the March 16th, 2002 Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club Specialty show to see their brother and sister, Sailor Guy and Sailor Gal, compete in the 6 to 9 Puppy dog Conformation class.  We encourage members of the Eagle Hill family to become active in the dog world whether it be Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Herding, Tracking or other dog sports.  The more active a dog is in these type sports the more it enjoys life and becomes an even better part of the owner's household.  Additionally, when an owner competes in the ring they have a very good time!

Here are some pictures of the puppies from the litter that Ch Asgard's Smooth Sailin' v Sabra had on March 12, 2000.  The Sire was Canadian Grand Victor and American Select Ch Jag of Fran-Jo.