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Also, this page discusses color inheritance:

2001 and 2003:

2004: Along with two visiting Eagle Hill dogs,

Two pictures from 2002:

Discussion of color inheritance:

This is  "Cutter", a Bi-Color,  finishing up an ice cream container. 

The only colors of German Shepherds are Sable, Black

and Tan, Bi-Color and Black.  Sable is the most dominant

and Black is the least dominant.  The Sire will have two color

factors and the Dam will have two color factors.  The puppy

will get one of its two color factors from the Sire and one from

the Dam.  Thus if a puppy gets a Black color factor from its

Sire and a Bi-Color factor from its Dam, the puppy will be a Bi-Color

in looks and will have one Bi-Color factor and one Black factor,

since as stated above, Bi-Color is dominant over Black.