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Belted Galloway meat is very tender and flavorful even though it has a medium amount of fat as it has a small grain pattern.  Refer to the links below for the various Belted Galloway web sites for a lot of information on this very old Scottish breed.  We have found that they do very well on our hilly, rugged ranch land and that they are docile and have their calves with a minimum of trouble. 

Once a year we butcher one or two steers, keep some for ourselves and offer the rest to people who want something that is  healthier than the meat found in their regular supermarkets.  We sell the meat by half a steer.

Details on half a steer:

Whole steer                                850 lbs

results in a hanging weight of        510 lbs            

and less processing waste             102 lbs

Meat Total                                   408 lbs

and thus half a steer equals           204 lbs     

Meat Total is composed of:

Ground Beef                                  60 lbs

Roasts, Steaks, Ribs & Misc.           144 lbs 

Total                                           204 lbs


Ground Beef is $2.00 lb x 60 lbs, or   $120

Roasts, Steaks, Ribs & Misc.

are $3.00 lb  x  144 lbs, or               $432

Total                                             $552

Cost includes cutting to your specifications,  packaging into small portions (e.g. 2 steaks per package) (double wrapped to  last longer), and ready for pick up in Moraga, CA.

Purchaser can specify thickness of steaks (e.g. 3/4", 1", or 1 1/2") and size of roasts.  You will end up with around:

Steaks:  4 sirloins, 8 fillets, 2 london broil, 3 top round, 1 flank, 12 new york and 6 rib eye. (36 total)

Roasts: 2 bottom, 2 sirloin tip, 2 cross rib, 5 chuck, 1 rib (12 total)

Misc.: 8 cube steaks, 10 short ribs and 7 lbs of stew meat.

Please call us at 925-377-6416 to reserve your half a steer.

Links to Belted Galloway web sites that supply additional information about the breed and the quality of the meat:


Western Belted Galloway Association

Belted Galloway Association of the U.S.