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Occasionally we have young adult GSDs for sale.  Showing at the level we show at sometimes results in dogs starting out with great promise for the show ring but for various reasons not reaching the levels we strive for.  These are excellent family/pet dogs and we place them in excellent homes.  All of our dogs live in our house and thus are housebroken...much better than a puppy!!!

Will dogs over 4 months old bond with new owners? Yes-if you can wait one week!  It is amazing how fast they can bond.  When we first started out in shepherds, we purchased a 4 year old ex show dog and within 3 weeks he had bonded with us.  Another example:  look at all of the "service" dogs (e.g. seeing eye dogs, etc) that bond with their new owners after they have been trained by the service dog organizations.   

Thus, if you are interested please email or call us to see if we have the right dog for you.