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Approximately every two years we have puppies available and will place you on a waiting list if you desire.  Because of the bloodlines we use, it is extremely unlikely that our puppies will have "hip" problems but we do supply a guarantee of your purchase price being returned and you may keep the dog.  We are always looking for quality pet homes so we can continue to pursue our hobby of raising and showing GSDs, since we cannot keep them all!  Your support allows us to continue in this effort of helping to maintain the GSD breed the way it should be.  Our pet puppies sell for $750.  All of our dogs grow up on and have the run of a 6 foot tall chain-link fenced 33 acre ranch that contains our Belted Galloway cattle (along with deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, foxes and other wild critters).  We believe in the "Total Dog" concept and thus our dogs not only look beautiful but they act and move like German Shepherds should.  We are members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (the AKC related parent club of local GSD clubs) and the local Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club.  We are signers of the parent club's and local club's Breeders' Codes.  Our Web page offers you links to these clubs.